Providing legal advice, assistance and other legal services, drafting various contracts, regulations and other legal instruments, and providing Chinese, Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish translation services;

Acting or assisting the parties in filing applications to the Government and bidding the grant of administrative concession, especially for land, gaming licenses, credit and financial institution, franchised public services, public works, etc.;

Representing parties to participate in or initiate civil and labor litigations, criminal and administrative proceedings and appeals;

Providing legal services for the protection of intellectual property rights and related rights, especially the search, registration and renewal of trademarks, patents, names and insignias of business premises, and related defenses and judicial appeals;

Vong Hin Fai

Senior Partner, Lawyer and Private Notary

China-Appointed Attesting Notary (Macau)

Vong Hin Fai has extensive experience in various legal areas, particularly, on Real Estate and Land Law, Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Banking and Finance Law. His academic and professional background, as well as his experience are recognized in divers sectors of Macau.

Vong Sok Hei, Rosita

Senior Partner and Lawyer

Rosita Vong joined “VONG HIN FAI LAWYERS & PRIVATE NOTARY” as partner and lawyer in 2015. She is also a part-time lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Macau and at its Centre for Continuing Education, teaching Portuguese Legal Language, and provides in-house training programs for foreign corporates teaching contracts law, fundamentals of Macau Law, Real Estate law, Administrative law and Labor law.

Vong Keng Hei, Joaquim

Senior Partner and Lawyer

Joaquim Vong joined “VONG HIN FAI LAWYERS & PRIVATE NOTARY” as partner and lawyer in 2015. At present, he is also a part-time teacher at the Law Faculty of the University of Macau, teaching Administrative Law and Civil Procedural Law. He had worked as a lawyer in a local law firm before 2015.